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Ryder Cambron

Be the people who make positive impacts.

See the people who grow through circumstances.

Free the people through God's love.

Stay Sonder


What is Sonder?

[sohn-dehrr] noun
the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.


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Ryder Cambron's Projects

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About Stay Sonder


Stay Sonder is a platform that promotes mental wellness and fights against human trafficking. This online business aims to help individuals discover self-improvement tips, understand the Gospel, and learn how to care for others in everyday life. 

Life can get dark at times, and happiness can seem to be out of reach. However, by focusing on better self-care, becoming mindful of the world around you, and allowing God to be the center of your life,  happiness is attainable for anyone.

I created this platform in order to offer guidance, motivation, and positivity to others. I hope my page will provide people with a safe space to release their thoughts and feelings. 


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