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"Mental function and wellness are highly dependent on the natural and built environments that surround us"
- Nature Sacred

What Nature Does For US

  •  reduces stress and isolation

  •  reduces anger 

  •  boost your mood/mindset

  •  increases creativity and imagination 

  •  Vitamin D 

  • increases attention capacity

  • Provides oxygen to breathe sufficiently!

  •  enhances social interactions 

nature is important.jpeg

Interact With Nature

  • Spend time outside daily! 

  • go for a walk! take your pets too! 

  • find trails to explore

  • tan ( if its sunny + hot )

  • Skateboard, Bike ride

  • go fishing 

  • go swimming

  • eat lunch outside

  • read a book or do homework outside

  • plant a garden! 

Help nature grow by not littering, conserving water, and being kind to all animals big or small!

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