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Who are you?
Finding your Identity involves acknowledging your true abilities, appearance, and personality.

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What are your VITALS?

  • V = values : What standards or beliefs do you hold? What do you consider important life aspects? 

  • I = interests : What are your passions and hobbies?  

  • T = temperament : How does your personality affect your decisions, and how do you express/regulate emotions? 

  • A = activities : what does your routine look like? When do you prefer to be active? 

  • L = life mission : What is your ultimate purpose or goal in life? Who are you living for? 

  • S = strengths : What are your skills, talents, abilities? 

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Discover Your Identity

Forgive yourself. It is difficult to move on from the past if you continue to hold on to that grudge.

Realize your blessings. Often, the positive aspects of your life are overlooked. Understand that it is a blessing to have access to food, shelter, clothing, transportation, job opportunities, health, family/relationships, and civil rights. Each new day you live is a blessing because you are given the opportunity to try again!

Be yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop trying to please people. How will you ever know who you are if you are constantly focusing on being "good enough" for others? Own your flaws and be confident in the fact that you are uniquely you!

Let go of perfectionism. It is impossible for any human to be perfect at everything. Focusing on the idea of being "the best" will result in anxiety and disappointment. Always challenge yourself and give effort, but understand that it is okay to fail! Practice, try again, and progress each time. 

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